Adeslas Health companies

We are official and exclusive distributors of Adeslas, the number 1 insurer in health insurance, and the most chosen by most companies in Spain.

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Quality and speed

With Adeslas you have an extensive medical chart. It will be much easier to find the most expert professional for your possible needs.

What do our customers think?
Eva Rodrigues

I needed to take out medical insurance to be able to go to study in Spain, and only they did it for me without co-payments or deficiencies.
- Eva Rodrigues

Maria Garcia asegurada Adeslas

My previous company's insurance would not have covered my delivery at the Teknon clinic in Barcelona. I am more than happy with my bosses.
- María García

Peter Müller

For the company's subsidiary in Spain I could not find any more practical or reliable option. We renew each year happier.
- Peter Müller

Laura cliente Adeslas

We have already provided dental coverage to all our employees, and soon we will also hire Adeslas Salud y Bienestar. It is something unquestionable.
- Laura Hernández